It's a butt ugly day in mid-Michigan with high winds, extreme cold and snow
Tuesday a.m. video of Michigan's I-69 between Lansing and Flint

Could spending $20 per week on Michigan food products make a difference?

I just saw this video on the blog of Missy Caulk, an Ann Arbor area Realtor. She shares this video about how Michiganders can pump some big bucks into the state's economy by buying food stuffs grown here. It's from marketer Charlie Wollmark. Could it really pump $3.7 billion into the state economy? In her blog post, Missy says:
If Michiganders spent just $20.00 a week on buying local Michigan made products we could circulate 3.7 billion into our economy.

Michigan $3.7 Billion Bailout is Approved! from Charlie Wollborg on Vimeo.