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Members of Congress should have to take a competency test.  Everybody agree?

Look at the decisions they have to make that affect everyone of us and will decide what our future looks like for generations.  Most of those decisions involve money.

David Porter, a retired mortgage broker who is now mentoring other members of his profession through the rigors of running a business in this troubled economy provides a simple test in his Mortgage Broker Coaching, LLC blog.

Here's his suggestions for deciding whether a person is ready to serve in either the U.S. House or U.S. Senate:

  • Clean background check
  • Five years experience making a payroll each week and running a profitable business.
  • Having a personal savings pattern of no less than 10 percent each year.
  • Pay off your credit card debt each month.
  • Give 10 percent of your income to charity each month.
Then, finally, agree to run our nation the same way.

If that test was given to each member of Congress, how many would pass?

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