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Here's what Jesus means to Boomer In The Pew

I'm glad I asked my friend Dave Porter of Scottzdale, AZ, what Jesus means to him.  I popped the question with my Flip video camera on during a visit we had over coffee today at Shulers Bookstore in Eastwood Town Center in Lansing, MI.

Dave has become a good friend.  It's a relationship that started because of blogging and was maintained through blogs along with Twitter and Facebook punctuated by today's face to face meeting.  I helped him a couple of years ago start his first blog for a thriving mortgage business. 

When he sold this business, he retired and moved west where he and his wife retired.

This transition touched off a very serious journey for him where his heart has undergone a serious transformation.  He writes about that in his blog, Boomer In The Pew.  In this short video, he talks about it.  Take a minute and let Dave share where he's been and where he's going.