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How can Michigan workers be pro-active in keeping a job?

Michigan is shedding jobs these days like a dog sheds hair.  Every week that big brush goes through the economy and takes more jobs with it.  I'm sure this next week will be no exception.

For those still working, is there a way to be proactive in maintaining your job or in networking to find another one?

The web industry and its penchant for creating community and for networking might provide some clues.

In his blog Web Strategy by Jeremiah,
Jeremiah Owyang, gives solid tips to web professionals to may be working in shaky situations and who may be at risk.  Can his suggestions be transferred to rust belt states like Michigan?

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Would a Michigan mayor ever buy Toyota's to use in the city's fleet?

Would a Michigan mayor ever do like Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and replace American cars in the city's fleet with Toyota Camrys?  Ballard bought 85 of the imported hybrids because his administration said they were a better deal, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Just a sidenote:  They picked the Camry over the Chevy Malibu.

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Is Indianapolis a model for changing from a manufacturing-based economy to service-based?

In Michigan, legislators for years have been talking about transitioning the state's economy from manufacturing-based jobs to those in the service sector.

Apparently, the city of Indianapolis has been successful in doing that with an effort that started more than two decades ago, according to a story this morning in the Indianapolis Star:

This recession marks the first serious test at weathering a downturn for Indianapolis' newfound economy since offices replaced factories as the city's leading employer two decades ago.

Although the national economy officially has been in recession for a year, the Indianapolis area still appears solid, reporting a record number of jobs in October.

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Here's the only picture I have of my father and me

This is my father and myself in our backyard on the westside of Bay City.  When I was 18 months old, he deserted my mother and me.  The year was 1948.  He never wrote, never called and never made any effort to support us.  When I was in my late twenties, I found him.  He totally rejected and disowned me.  Did that leave a scar?  You bet.  I have forgiven him through the power of Jesus Christ which was given to me by His death and resurrection.  Because I'm forgiven, I can forgive him.  I've known love without condition.  I don't think he ever felt or accepted it when it was given.  Too bad.

Bullet-point memories from our trip to Washington, D.C. for Thanksgiving 2008

These are some of my memories of our trip to Washington, D.C. to spend Thanksgiving 2008 with our son, Justin:

  • Last night's worship service at our son's church--The Church of the Resurrection, 801 North Carolina Ave. SE--where we felt very welcomed and where we felt the presence of God. 
  • Last Friday morning's tour of the Pentagon by a friend of our son's where we saw the chapel used to remember those who lost their lives at that spot on 9/11.  As a souvenir, I took a small New Testament from the Gideons as a reminder that whatever happens God will always be there.
  • Last Saturday's walk around the U.S. Capitol on a bright, sunny and almost warm day where we saw preparations for the Inauguration of President-elect Obama.  Such a massive transfer of power is happening peacefully and with confidence.
  • Last Thursday's tour of the new National Museum of American History where we had an organized look at many of the artifacts which have been important in our national identity.
  • Last Saturday's tour of the Library of Congress where we saw new exhibits about the founding of this country.  It was a reminder of the struggles that took place to build something that we take for granted.
  • Sunday brunch at Tunnicliffs Tavern at 2227th St. SE which is right smack dab in the middle of the Eastern Market area, an eclectic mixture of stands with food and handicrafts.
  • Last Wednesday night's visit to Good Stuff Eatery at 303 Pennsylvania Ave., SE started by Chef Spike from the television show Top Chef.  It's a high-end hamburger place where we had turkey burgers and french fries with a mango mayo sauce.
The best part was being with our son, Justin, and becoming better acquainted with his friends and seeing life through his eyes.

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