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Our wedding day
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When I bought my Mac Book Air at the Apple Store in the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids last May, I got a free HP Photosmart 4280, a combo, printer, copier and scanner.

I finally got the software on my computer and have been scanning old pictures. We have several boxes of old prints going back 30 years and we have pictures that we both inherited from our parents.

I've been on a scanning holiday. I love knowing that these pictures are protected from loss and any demons that might take them from us.

This picture was from our wedding day and reminds me how thankful I need to be for how much God has blessed me. I love this photo. It shows the start of the biggest and most positive adventure of my life.

My wife is a beauty and still has that same wonderful smile that matches her positive attitude.

Scanning old photos is a great way to spend a cold and gray Sunday afternoon in Michigan.