A Flickr slide show of our 2008 Thorp family Christmas
Baby Boomer Report: Looking back and ahead at turning sixty and the changes in my life

We saw Marley & Me on Christmas Day

Marley & Me surprised all of us.  My wife, son and I all agreed that this is a movie worth-seeing. MM_Webskin-02 It's a good story that started with a real life book and was not ruined by those who translate such things into a movie.

It's a story with some depth and a variety of layers with a beautiful golden labrador retriever as the centerpiece.

Owen Wilson's character is a young newspaper reporter covering the crumbs that fall off the news desk at a large newspaper in Florida who's pushed into becoming a columnist.  His wife played by Jennifer Anniston is a reporter who's achieved a higher level of success.

They are trying to find focus as a couple, as individuals and trying to find meaning for their young lives.

They get this big dog, Marley, using their relationship with the dog to guide them through the challenges of a marriage, a profession and family life.

If you need your heart-warmed or just entertain, see it.