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Can Lauren Hager's blog become a gathering spot for his part of Michigan?

My friend Lauren Hager who lives in the Port Huron (MI) area has started his own blog, "Lauren Hager  listens and shares."  He's a retired special education teacher, former city council member, former state representative, husband, involved father and grandfather, active church member, community activist and good friend.3230682953_dd23de9c58

And he's 67 years-old and wants to run for the Michigan Senate in his area.  He feels that he can contribute on the issues of the day that affect his part of the state which is right next to Canada and which includes everything from farms to auto supply plants.

To help bring his area together and to get them talking with each other, he's started his blog.  Will people in his area grab onto this new medium?  I hope so.  I can see Lauren teaching everybody from young people to seniors how to add their voice to the conversation in Michigan through a blog. 

Check out his blog.  I'm enthusiastic about its prospects.