My son, Justin Thorp, surprises me with the news
My Thursday a.m. online reading:

Here's the answer when life really, really sucks

Life can really suck.  What do you do when you feel totally hopeless because of a death, an illness, loss of a job or any other life circumstance?  All the hope seems to be sucked out of wherever you are and whatever you do and then what do you do?

Getting ready to walk out our front door this morning, I overheard the news about a couple in California who lost their jobs and saw no hope.  They killed their kids and themselves as a response to how desperate they felt.  I shook my head and then went out the front door to meet a group of four other guys who I have breakfast with every Wednesday.

One is a retired pastor, one is a retired state worker, one is a Vietnam vet who got shot up on the Mekong River in that country, one is a mobile phone store manager and then there's me.

We started reading and discussing the book of Psalms in the Bible where we take one a week and talk about it.   We are now on Psalm 108 out of 150. 

I have to confess that I always regarded Psalms as something read at funerals or church services and never spent much time with them. 

I've been cheating myself all these years.  The Psalms are written by and for everyday people in everyday situations. 

When you've been really hammered by life, where should you go?  The Psalms.  Start reading and don't stop until you feel your heart being recharged.

I've been hammered, but never REALLY hammered and I'm not asking God to try me out.  But, I'm sure I will face more challenges.

God's words of encouragement and hope drip out of the Psalms.  That's where I'm spending more time.

Try it out, they're free and it's truth, the real deal.