Can Lauren Hager's blog become a gathering spot for his part of Michigan?
Seven things: I got memed

How many Chevy's can be driven for 360,000 miles?

The son-in-law and my favorite daughter visited a week ago to celebrate my wife's birthday along with his the day before.  To stock up for our two celebrations, we made a Meijer's run where we bought some Michigan wine. 

He used that experience to discuss in his blog the pros and cons of buying domestically produced Adam's blog products.  In his post, he talks about paying a higher price for lesser quality and asks how the dilemma should be approached.

Then he makes the bombshell point that touches  on the fate of our state and much of the rest of this country.

His dad still drives back and forth to work with a Honda Accord that has 360,000 miles?  Wow!  And I'm sure he didn't have to make many if any repairs.  Adam, my son-in-law owns a Toyota with 230,000 miles and no major repairs.

So how do you approach the issue of buying a new car?  Buy American and know you'll pay more and knowing that you'll be on a first-name basis with your mechanic or buy foreign with the knowledge that you might forget where your dealership is located because of lack of need?

I invite you to join the conversation on his blog.