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In Michigan right now, it is really easy to feel a covering of gloom over just about everything

It's hard to feel optimistic about anything living in Michigan right now.

Our state has gone through tough economic times before.  I remember the ups and downs of the auto industry and the foreknowledge of every car company employee that they would experience several layoffs during their career.    Things have been nasty and tough before in our state.

But, it has always gotten better.  Consumer demand would plummet and there would be a down period to be followed by an upswing.

This time its different and most everybody knows that the state will never rebound to its former condition.  The anchor to our economy has always been the three car companies and all the parts suppliers that support them.

The anchor has been pulled and we are afloat on an uncharted journey.

Everybody has their fingers crossed hoping that the federal loans to GM and Chrylser will make the difference.  But, there's a realization they might not work.  Then what?

It's very cold outside.  There's plenty of snow and roads are slippery.  We are going through the gray days of winter.  The sun may shine this week, but it probably won't for long.

You can almost hear the hope being sucked out of the state much like a helium filled balloon that keeps going lower and lower.

I've debated changing the name of this blog--Daily Grit.  But, the name has never seemed more relevant.  The Merriam Webster online dictionary defines what this state needs plenty of right now:

4: firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger

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