Michigan's gloomy attitude is affecting its high school students and their view of the future
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  • MI survey of health care coverage:  Detroit Free Presss story of report from Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation say state companies offering healthcare insurance falls below national average.  In 2006, 53.4 percent of workers had health insurance through employers, compared to 55.8 percent nationwide.  Question:  Given the deep recession in our state, is that number less or more than expected?
  • GM to announce production cuts today:  With a 22.7 percent drop in sales last year, GM, according to the Detroit Free Press will announce production cuts today. What Michigan plants will be affected?  How many jobs?  Will laid off workers get full pay through the Job Bank program?
  • 50,000 Detroit kids attend metro-area charter schools:  In a Detroit Free Press story about a bill in the state legislature to allow Wayne Community College to open charter schools inside the city, there's mention that an estimated 50,000 Detroit kids who attend charter schools in the metropolitan area.  Do the math on the amount of money the Detroit Public Schools are losing?  It has to be at least $7,000 per student if not more.  Anybody know the amount?
  • Pushing to stop clean coal in Michigan:  State Attorney General Mike Cox in a Detroit Free Press column says there's pressure to ban new construction of clean coal power plants in our state.  Right now, he says, more than 60 percent of Michigan's power is generated by coal.  Blocking the new plants would cause businesses to pay even more for power.  Who's opposing clean coal power plants?  
  • Home values drop, while property taxes increase:  Bay City (MI) story tells how city assessor is preparing for a flood of property owner protests where property values drop with taxable value increasing.  It's a quirk, they say, from a 1994 state law.  What's the experience with other cities around the state, like Lansing?

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