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  • Honda Motor Co. reduces profit target--Detroit Free Press says Honda Motor Co. quarterly profit feel 90 percent leading it to cutting its annual profit target by half.  Question: Don't we have a number of Honda car plants in this country?
  • More Detroit corruption allegations--Detroit Free Press reports that a Grosse Pointe contractor was denied business with the Detroit Building Authority for not hiring the father of former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick as a consultant.  Question: Doesn't the city of Detroit have an ethics board of examine those kinds of situations?
  • Ford's condition may signal wild ride--Detroit Free Press columnist Tom Walsh points to Ford being the healthiest of the automakers and then talks about how cash is being sucked out of Ford.  If that's health, then watch out Michigan.  Question:  Are we ready for more gloom?
  • Tailpipe emission rules change could destroy Detroit--Mackinac Center's Russ Harding discusses in a column the effects of President Obama's decision to allow each state to set tailpipe emission standards versus having a national standard.  He argues that such changes will raise car costs per vehicle from $3,000 to $10,000.
  • Saul Anuzis excites college crowd--Tech Republican writes post about how Saul Anuzis has brought out young supporters in his effort to win the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee.  In a video interview, one points to his understanding and use of technology.
  • Lee Lefever of Commoncraft explains his business--Lee Lefever of Commoncraft writes about how he has refocused his business to produce explanatory educational videos.  He's set the bar at using web video to explain complex topics.  He's been an innovator in the social media field.
  • Video: Borrowing Money in Plain English--Lee Lefever shares his new educational video explaining the basics of borrowing money.  Every mortgage broker in the country should buy a license to this video and show it to clients.  Great job, Lee.

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