My online reading for Friday a.m.
My Sunday a.m. online reading

My Saturday a.m. online reading

Here's my online reading for this morning:

  • Michigan hard times increase liquor sales:  The Detroit Free Press reports that while beer is still the most popular drink, it has been losing sales to whiskey, vodka and wine and Michiganders are drinking more at home.  Check the volume drank and the amount of money involved.  Question:  How does that compare to amounts given to state churches?
  • Feds would give money for gas-guzzling SUVs:  The Detroit Free Press reports about U.S. Senate proposal where the federal government would purchase gas guzzling SUVs with the proviso that the money would be used to purchase  a fuel efficient car.  Question:  I wonder how many would buy foreign versus domestic?
  • Single-mom had eight babies through invitro fertilization:  The Detroit Free Press story talks about the controversy surrounding the implanting of eight embryos in a woman who already had six kids and was unmarried.  Question:  Should there be a law?  What are the limits?

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