My cousin's daughter, Anna List, dies from attack
Michigan's gloomy attitude is affecting its high school students and their view of the future

My thoughts about the murder of my cousin's daughter, Anna Marie List

My wife and I went to the funeral home Friday to visit with my cousin, Rudy List and his wife Hodie whose daughter Anna was murdered in an Ypsilanti (MI) park just east of Ann Arbor. 

Their 17-year-old daughter was one of these standout kids who was academically-gifted, but more  importantly had a heart for helping people.Annalist  

The suspect in her murder has been identified by the news media as a boyfriend and somebody who she had helped through the challenges of high school. 

During the more than a week since her beating and then death in the hospital, I've tried to make sense of what happened.  And, all I can say, it doesn't make sense and there's no way to explain why Anna's life was taken early and all the hurt and the void that will be left with her family and friends.

What else can you say?  There is hope, but as shown in the experience of my cousin's family, there can be a lot of hurt and loss.