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My online reading for Friday a.m.

My Thursday a.m. online reading:

Here's my Thursday a.m. online reading:

  • Bribe attempt by Detroit City Council official--Detroit News story about how strip club official alleges that City Councilwoman Monica Conyers aide solicted $25,000 bribe for a license transfer.  The city of Detroit's reputation continues to worsen.
  • Detroit Mayor Kenneth Cockrel charged with delay--Detroit News story about Detroit Mayor Cockrel and his opponents in upcoming mayoral election who charge that he's delaying important city budget decisions until the Feb. 24 special election.  His budget cut recommendations, according to the story will be made tomorrow morning.
  • Dead man found encased in ice in Detroit warehouse--Detroit News story about dead man found in warehouse where homeless hangout.  Alarming part of story says 19,000 are homeless in that city and shelters are full.
  • Ford reports $5.9 billion fourth-quarter loss--Detroit Free Press says that even with the loss Ford Motor company will not request government aid.  
  • Detroit bringing new conventions to city--Detroit Free Press story tells about how 20 new conventions will bring $13.5 million in new business to the city.  Story points to all the new hotel rooms, casinos and new sports stadiums.
  • Michigan's becoming a solid blue state--Blogging for Michigan writes this morning that, according to a Gallup Poll, our state has become solidly Democratic, along with much of the rest of the country.  Does everybody agree about the long-term implications of the stats?

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