Seven things: I got memed
My son, Justin Thorp, surprises me with the news

My Wednesday a.m. online reading

Here's my online reading this morning:

  • Names surface in Detroit sludge contract:  The Detroit Free Press reports names of those being investigated in the city's awarding of a more than $1 billion sludge contract to a Houston company.  Those named in the story include former Mayor Kilpatrick and his father, as well as Monica Conyers, City Council President.  The story says little evidence has been presented of the who, what, when, where, how and why of bribery taking place.
  • Detroit City Council wants sludge contract voided:  The Detroit City Council voted 7-1 asking the mayor to void the scandal-ridden contract.  The Detroit Free Press story mentions that contract provisions allow that when the law has been broken in the exercise of the contract.
  • Utility shutoffs in Michigan being examined:  After the death of an elderly Bay City man because of a utility shutoff, the Detroit Free Press says that the state's 41 municipally-owned utilities which are unregulated by the state are reexamining their shutoff policies including devices or limiters which shutoff power after a specified limit is reached.
  • Michigan's weather is butt-ugly . . .again:  The Detroit News reports about the latest snow storm to move through the metro area and the state.  Commuters watched spin outs and collisions happening around them.

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