Is Visteon's action in VanBuren Township (MI) the way to handle layoffs?
In Michigan right now, it is really easy to feel a covering of gloom over just about everything

Taking our relationship at the Averill Woods Neighborhood Association to the next level

Our neighbors here on the southwest side of Lansing (MI) are dynamite in working together to deal with common concerns.  They came together when T-Mobile wanted to build a cell tower in our front yard, when an after hours free-for-all broke out with gunshots at a nearby school and many other times.

That's our Averill Woods Neighborhood Association is moving towards the next level of organization with the expected presentation of bylaws at its next meeting on Thursday, Jan. 22.

Go to this post on myneighborhood blog
--Southwest Lansing (MI) and my neighborhood--and download the proposed bylaws.  Leave your comments to help make this an effective, working document for our neighborhood.

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