Michigan will assemble lithium-ion batteries for GM Volt
Think about the Michigan Film Incentive next time you go to the movies or pay your taxes

Taxpayers lend General Motors money for battery packs to be built in Korea

The money U.S. taxpayers borrowed and then lent to General Motors is being used to make lithium ion batteries in Korea for its new electric car, the Volt. 

According to the Detroit Free Press, at a news conference this morning, GM said the battery packs will be made by LG Chem in Korea and then assembled here in Michigan.  There's no word on where the assembly plant will be located and whether it will be in a yet to be built or a vacant plant.

GM's Bob Lutz said the Korean company was chosen over U.S. firm A123 Systems because "LG had more experience in the larger batteries that GM will need . . ."

Does anybody have links to stories or information about tax breaks granted by the Michigan Legislature for battery companies to locate here in the state? 

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