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Learn more about Michigan's give-away program for Hollywood movies

Think about the Michigan Film Incentive next time you go to the movies or pay your taxes

I think I've got this right about Michigan's Film Incentive, the governor's and legislature's special effort to attract film-making to our job-troubled state.

The Michigan Legislature passed and Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a package of bills where the movie companies would give given 42 percent by the state of the money they spend in our state on making movies. Think about that for a little bit.

What does the state get in return? There's been plenty of press releases, but very little information about how it's working and the results its producing.

The Mackinac Center of Midland is raising the questions that the news media should be asking. State legislators need to justify this sweet deal where movie companies are made winners at taxpayers' expense with little to show in return.

Watch this video from the Mackinac Center and then remind yourself that this comes out of your pocket: