Did you catch our son Justin when he was on live tv from Miami yesterday?
What does Jesus mean to MI Senate staffer Jeff Cobb?

Are we nuts for buying a new car?

This afternoon we go to the dealership to pick up our new car?

There's part of me that's really excited and another part says that our reasoning got fogged over from all the curry that "superwife" had in a dish we ate.  The economy is tanking and the auto industry is evaporating and we are buying a new car.

We needed a new vehicle.  We have a nine-year-old Malibu that's still going somewhat strong and a 15-year-old Chevy Lumina that might be nearing its end.  The Lumina is a leftover from when our kids were in college and each needed a car.  It has a lot of history from lots of driving.  Now its time to move on. 

What are we getting?

A Honda Civic built in Indiana.  At one time I would have felt guilty about buying a foreign car.  Our new car probably has as much domestic content as any of the Chevy's we've owned.

Our Honda dealership, Capital Honda in Okemos, has a reputation for impecable service.  We will find out.

I have to admit that we seemed to be the only customers in the dealer showroom the day we bought it which seemed strange.  Stayed tuned for a picture or two later.