Video #9--Lansing City Assessor explains lowers assessments, higher taxes
PROOF: The sun does rise in Michigan during the winter

Did you know these facts about the southside of the city of Lansing (MI)?

Lansing's southside has a perception problem.  How do you view the southside?  Desirable or undesirable3284900993_f2345564fb_m place to live?

Check this outh from the Feb. 2009 edition of SouthLansing.Org, published by the South Lansing Community Development Association:

  • South Lansing encompasses almost 60 percent of the city's real estate.  The majorirty of property, income and business taxes are gnerated south of I-496. 
  • From 2000 to 2007, while other parts of Lansing saw population decline, the southside actually grew.  Median household income also grew.  Quality of life indicators, like education levels, home values and, yes, crime statistic, are on par with every other part of the city.

You can read the whole newsletter by going to the group's website where you can download this and past issues.