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How does George Bush or Barack Obama compare to Abe Lincoln as president?

Do Republicans stand better chance of winning by imitating the Democrats?

The Republican party in this country is getting closer and closer to being a carbon copy of the Democrats.  Some in the GOP find that an attractive possibility.

I don't and I don't know what to do about it. 

My mother and most of my aunts and uncles have been Republicans because the party stood for a clear set of principles that were centered on well defined boundaries for the involvement of government in our lives.  They were a poor farm family of 12 brothers and sisters from the Thumb of Michigan which took responsibilities for themselves and each other.

The Republican party and its historic platforms fit their life view and they didn't apologize for it.  Now fast forward to today and to tomorrow's vote in the U.S. Senate where Republicans will vote for the biggest spending bill in U.S. history.

The Democrats are trying to bluff the Republicans into becoming coming carbon copies of them and it seems to be working.

Columnist Thomas Sowell makes the point
about the Republican and their response to the stimulus proposa in the Detroit News this morning:

Within 24 hours, however, Republicans in the Senate came out with a plan to have the government fix mortgage interest rates at 4 percent -- and use taxpayers' money to cover the losses that lenders would otherwise sustain.

Government intervention in the housing markets has been at the heart of the boom and bust that has led to a huge economic downturn.

It was the government that pushed for abandoning traditional standards for making mortgage loans and got borrowers and lenders way out on a limb -- and set off economic shock waves when the limb broke.
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