So Wes, What do you think of President Obama's stimulus bill?
Video #6: Should applause be allowed during public comments at the Lansing City Council?

Lansing (MI) City Council-member A'Lynne Robinson listens and shares with Third Ward

This morning was the time when Lansing's southside residents huddle with their city council member, A'Lynne Robinson, where she listens and shares about issues at city hall and in the third ward. 

My wife and I attended with about 20 others in the meeting room at the Lansing Fire Department Station #6 at Pleasant Grove and Jolly Avenues. 

The meeting lasted for more than two hours and included information about a wide-variety of topics.  I recorded video of the meetings using my Flip video camera.  I'm uploading the video in several different segments over this afternoon and this evening.

In the first video, Council-member Robinson provides background about the monthly-meetings, has around-the table introductions and then comments about the morning's agenda of topics.

In video #2, Council-member Carol Woods discusses an incident at last Monday night's Lansing City Council meeting where a member of the audience was arrested.  She also talked about security inside the city council chambers during meetings and about the issue of turning off live cable coverage of the incident. 

In video #3, City Council-member Woods talks about the process the city of Lansing has to set priorities for use of federal stimulus monies.

In video #4, there's a comment period for third warders. First comment is about sound quality of recorded city council meetings on the city cable channel.

In this video #5, Lansing City Council regular commenters and others talk about issues on their mind including a controversy between the mayor and the council over the city-owned golf courses and plowing of city streets: