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My reading list for this afternoon in Lansing, MI

We will soon go to our first online church service, so I want to make myself a reminder about what I still want to read today.  If you're in Lansing or in Michigan, you might find the links useful.  Do you have any to share:

  • Legacy of I-496 that cuts through our town:  The Lansing State Journal today reports about a freeway that cuts through the center of our city.  It displaced many city people who according to coffeeshop anecdotes never recovered.  I'm anxious to read it.  Does anybody have any stories to share about this or about other highways built through their town?
UPDATE:  This is a good story about how the construction of a freeway through Lansing that cut the city in half.  It decimated an established African-American neighborhood leaving scars that survive to this day.  However, it's all history and doesn't look at the racial climate in the city today or the prospects for the future.  To be useful, I feel that both parts are necessary.
  • How will Michigan handle stimulus cash:  Peter Luke from Booth newspapers has a column about this federal money pot which will come to the state.  Our state budget seems to be cut every year.  What will happen with this new money.  Luke has reputation of being independent.  Should be interesting to see his take.
UPDATE:  Luke's column outlines the challenge confronting the Michigan Legislature with billions of dollars coming to the state in federal stimulus funds.  Whereas, the past few years have been centered around tight budgets, now they will have billions for a whole shopping lists of projects and ideas.  How will they fare in making these decisions?  Stay tuned.