My Saturday a.m. online reading
Where can I view the Korean movie, Crossing?

My Sunday a.m. online reading

Here's my online reading for this morning:

  • European-style socialism is coming to America:  Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley writes that with the last election liberals will rule our country for a long time.  Circumstances are just right, he says, for liberals to finally bring to "America-European-style socialsim with its low productivity, high unemployment, crushing taxes and subjugation to government." Question:  How many voters understand this?
  • Gospel singer George Beverly Shea celebrates 100th:  Detroit News in an Associated Press story tells about the 100th birthday of George Beverly Shea who sang at Billy Graham's crusades.  He made hymns come alive with meaning and hope.  Question:  Are there any gospel singers now who have taken his place?
  • Preview of Gov. Granholm's State of State:  Detroit Free Press story previews Gov. Granholm's State of the State address which sounds pretty uninspiring.  Question: Story mentions state ban on auto insurance premiums being affected by credit scores.  How's that working?  How do we know that credit scores are not being used?

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