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Did you catch our son Justin when he was on live tv from Miami yesterday?

Report on attending church service online at

So, Wes what did you think about worshipping with others at the web campus for New Spring Church in Anderson, SC?  I had written in a post this morning that super-wife and I opted to stay home after a snow storm yesterday.

Some reaction:
  • I liked the introduction by the web campus pastor.  He "set the table" for what to expect and was very welcoming and tried to make the experience as natural as possible given that we started out at the kitchen table and then moved to our couch.
  • The music was a good age check for us.  It was very Gen X and Y which means that it was very "rocky", but the words were shown on the left side of the monitor which made it easier.
  • The sound level seemed very low and it wasn't our computer because others were commenting about it.
  • The interaction was neat, but distracting at times.  The continuous and rolling comments contained a social comfort, but also showed good reaction and discussion to the music and the sermon.
  • The sermon by Perry Noble was about everyday realities of marriage.  He covered key points that were relevant and important, but he was long.  I didn't hear any Gospel. 
I'm glad we tried it out and I would be tempted to do it again.  I'm sure that it was a hit with a wide-range of folks, but I'd bet they were pretty young.

Worshipping with others at the web campus of New Spring Church