Video #7: Lansing (MI) City Council-member Kathie Dunbar talks about getting more citizens involved
Video #9--Lansing City Assessor explains lowers assessments, higher taxes

Video #8--Have Lansing (MI) City Council "regulars" run amuck with their name-calling, lack of respect?

Tune into Lansing's (MI) Comcast Channel 12 on Monday night to watch the Lansing City Council meeting you will usually hear an extended period of public comment.  Many of the commenters--also known as regulars--use their three minutes on live television to make extreme charges, call city officials names and generally show a lack of respect for anybody on the council, in city government or to the mayor.

From last Saturday's Third Ward "Second Saturday" meeting with Council-member A'Lynne Robinson, here are comments from citizens about the issue and from Council-member Kathie Dunbar.  This video was taken with a small Flip video camera.  I invite you to leave your reaction on this post.