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Are you a baby-boomer trying to lose weight?

Okay, I'm trying to do some spring cleaning in my life as a 62-year-old baby-boomer and one of the things on my radar is losing weight.

I've been skinny and I've been overweight with the cycle repeating itself several times and I know the time to stop is now.

For some reason, it's been hard to reset the dials in my head to make a consistent effort at changing habits.

If I have a choice, I don't want my best friends to be those who I meet in the doctor's waiting room or in the pharmacy as I wait for prescriptions to be filled.

That's why "super-wife" and I are going shortly to Sam's Club to get a big package of Boca Burgers, hamburgers without the meet.

The power that I need to make this happen can come from only one source and it's supernatural. It would be pure and undiluted Holy Spirit power.

Any other baby-boomers out there in a similar position?