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Is it time to unplug General Motors from life-support?

How much more should the taxpayers be asked to pay for a bailout of General Motors that has not been working?

We've already had a multi-billion dollar round of the taxpayers' money being given to GM and it continues its death spiral.

Seeing GM go through these last gasps of life has been tough. The car company has been a part of life here in Michigan.

It's hard to find somebody over 40 who hasn't worked in one of their factories at some point or who knows somebody who has. It was always seen as a job that would lead you to and maintain you in a middle-class lifestyle.

But, the world has changed and maybe, it's time to admit the obvious that while General Motors is on life support, it's brain dead.

This morning's Detroit News says bailing out the company after an inevitable bankruptcy will cost as much as $100 billion.

GM has assessed and rejected the option of filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, saying it would further hurt sales. The automaker also said it would need as much as $100 billion in government aid to operate after filing bankruptcy.

When do we say enough is enough and unplug them from life support?

Remember, the life support is coming from our money and from our kids, our grandkids and our great grandkids and who knows how many more generations.