What about all the potholes on Lansing (MI) streets?
I'm short on meniscus in my left knee and I'm starting to feel it

I've had trouble getting my 62-year-old "blog on"

Maybe it's because it's almost spring that I feel like my wheels are stuck in the mud. I've found it hard to get enthusiastic about posting on this blog about anything.

I could blame it on seasonal affective disorder where there's not enough sun and warm weather.

I could point my finger at the difficulties in reinventing yourself as a younger senior citizen and retiree.

I've thought that it might be never having a real niche in life like other folks. As a former newspaper reporter and state legislative staffer, I was always interested in everything, thereby found myself a mile wide and a couple inches deep.

I'm back feeling like a high school senior trying to determine his college major.

This blog is a great place to sort stuff and run ideas and thoughts up the flagpole to see how it looks and sounds.

Pardon me during the next few weeks as I do this. I can't make any promises about how interesting any of this will be.

Maybe others can identify.

Maybe not.

But I'm back.