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Mayor Virg Bernero needs to put on his teaching hat

Super-wife and I will get out a bottle of Great Lakes Red and watch Mayor Virg Bernero present his proposed city budget tonight at the Lansing City Council meeting.

In my other blog--The Lansing Blog--I write about
how hard it is for the average citizen to understand the "who, what, when, where, how and why" of the city budget.

Because this budget affects the daily living of everybody who lives here, I understand its importance.

Mayor Bernero told our daily newspaper reporter covering city hall that he refused to comment about it.  Hmmm. . . why?  He needs to build understanding and he needs to get citizen buy-in to what he's proposing.  He also needs to get the city council votes.

There's lots more that he could do and he could start with using the web to build a community of citizens informed about this and other city happenings.

I bet there's a ton of folks out there who would be willing to show him and the city council how to use these tools.  I'd volunteer.

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