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Trying to figure out what our pastor will say about feeding of the 5,000

Do you try to get your head and heart ready for church on Saturday or earlier? I am trying to do that right now by checking the Scripture readings and by asking God to open my ears and my heart.

How many baby-boomers have gone to church for several decades and mainly gone through the motions. I know because I've done that far too often.

Our pastor--Father Jack Lumanog of Christ-the-King Anglican Church in DeWitt--uses the readings from the lectionary for his sermons. He usually picks the Gospel reading which this week is John 6:4-15 when Jesus fed the 5,000.

I've heard this story many, many times since I was a young child. What could he say that's relevant to me now?

There's lots of need out there right now and there's what seems to be very little to fill it. Everybody could make a list of their needs and come up short with ideas on where to go or resources to meet the need.

Could that be his perspective? I'll just have to wait. I know that he will be preaching God's Word and his promises and I pray that they will be drilled into my heart.

By the way, check out this short Flip video of the new pew Bibles at Christ-the-King. Father Jack invites anybody attending a service and in need of a Bible to take it home.