Pastor David Maier tells what Jesus Christ means to him
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During World War II he helped make radios run in the South Pacific

I really wanted to hear and record what my Uncle Ron Anderson had to say about his World War II experience when he served in various spots on hotspots in the South Pacific, including New Guinea, Luzon and Cebu in the Philippines and Kyoto, Japan.

Super-wife and I were visting him and my Aunt Aileen at their winter home in Florida where I whipped out my Flip video camera when he started talking about his war experience. When my camera malfunctioned and I couldn't make it do anything, we tried again with the camera on my iBook where the sound was low and the visual quality was poor.

Then I was able to download the video of my talk with him. It's a lot better. The story is fascinating and shows how he as a 20-year-old contributed to the war effort.

Leave a comment and let me and him know what you think of part #1. I will upload part #2 in the next couple of days. I'm going to submit it to the Library of Congress Voice of Veterans Project.