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Playing "smear" with my Uncle Ron and Aunt Aileen in Destin, FL

How would super-wife and I do as snow birds?

Anybody over 50 who lives in Michigan knows that lots of state residents make the trip to Florida every year during the winter and stay for awhile.

How about super-wife and I? Are we ready to graduate to being snow birds as they are called in Michigan?

We have been in Florida since Saturday visiting with my aunt and uncle who stay here in their own home from the late fall to early spring each year.

Perhaps we will give snow birding a shorter trial attempt next winter. It does have appeal. There's a cleansing and curative quality to walking and sitting on the beach of the Gulf. Most everybody we've run into has had some connect to Michigan and they seem plenty friendly.

I've collected plenty of literature about places to stay and things to do.

When's the right time to start thinking about spending time in Florida during the winter?

Are there many babyboomers who have made this part of their annual routine?

It's something on our radar.