Playing "smear" with my Uncle Ron and Aunt Aileen in Destin, FL
A few jokes from Jay Leno's show at the Palace in Auburn Hills

Part #1--Ron Anderson shares his World War 2 South Pacific experience

It seems like almost every generation has its own war. My Uncle Ron Anderson's was World War 2 where he served in the South Pacific.  He's now 86 and he looks back at a time when he was in his early 20s with a wife, my Aunt Aileen, 19-years-old waiting for him back in the states.

His job in the Army Signal Corps took him to three places, New Guineau, the Philipines and Japan just after the bomb was dropped.  His main responsibility was to maintain radio transmitters used to relay coded messages to and from U.S. Army commands throughout the region.

This is part #1 of a video taken with my iBook's webcam: