Part #2-Ron Anderson continues sharing about his World War 2 South Pacific experience
Where can you find real hope right now?

What does the cross that Jesus Christ hung on mean to you?

I saw this post by Mart DeHaan of the Radio Bible Class where he wonders what the death of Jesus means to each of us individually.

In the next couple of days as we move towards Easter Sunday, many will be talking about what Jesus Christ did and how he came to earth as the Son of God, took abuse, was killed and then came back to life.

So what does it mean to me?

One word: Hope for now and hope for the future.

I know sin and I know what it has done in my life and in the lives of others. For help, I've looked to myself and I've looked to others. Doing that I've found nothing but disappointment.

With what happened on that first Easter I find hope. I need to be reminded of that hope everyday.