What does the cross that Jesus Christ hung on mean to you?
Quick memories from our test snowbird trip to Florida

Where can you find real hope right now?

It's Easter morning and super-wife and I are in Indianapolis at our daughter and our son-in-law's house with our son who flew in from Washington D.C. for our extended family weekend.

Gladys and I are on the last leg of a trip that took us to Destin, Florida in the Panhandle and then back up north.

We know that lots of people are looking for real hope during this time when jobs by the thousands have been lost with little hope of finding a new one. People are struggling to put food on the table and to pay for necessary healthcare. In Michigan, the gloom is so thick that you can almost cut it with a knife.

Where can you go to find a real and a lasting way to cut through it to the other side?

Look online at the news sites and you will be disappointed.

Politicians and other leaders will disappoint. I've found this from my own experience which had ultimately made me more cynical.

What or who can give you a real heart hope?

Here are links taking you on the journey where it is found:

  1. My friend David Porterin his blog Boomer In The Pew shares a link to the new video from Radio Bible Class retracing the steps of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem that led to the first Easter and his resurrection. This is a clear and powerful explanation of the events and reasons for the hope being offered right now.
  2. In this devotion from Our Daily Bread, check how it recognizes everything people have lost and lost big because of what's happening in the world because of sin. What happened on the first Easter trumps all the bad stuff. It's beaten and it gives you the power to overcome in your own life.
  3. Here Billy Graham and his son Franklin describe clearly and powerfully about why today's celebration is so important and how what happened on the first Easter gives real hope to everybody regardless of their situation or where they live.