Is it right for Warren (MI) Mayor Jim Fouts to require employees to purchase only American cars?
Do new stats about the Kindle raise questions about future of dead tree books?

Is Michigan on the verge of becoming ungovernable like California?

I know that I risk being called a drooling, flag-waving right-winger by saying this, but Michigan citizens need to confront the members of and candidates for the state legislature.

Each taxpayer in the state whose concerned about having a future in the Great Lakes State needs to take the latest memorandum from the Mackinac Center's Jack McHugh and ask their state legislators for reaction.

Why? The state can't afford to pay for all the programs it has.

The dilemma: Make substantive cuts to the state budget or make substantive increases in state taxes.

Then the question is about the consequences of raising taxes. Will that encourage or discourage employers from locating here?

McHugh outlines ways that approximately $2.2 billion can be cut from Lansing's budget without being devastating.

He says that plenty of lawmakers talk about budget cuts, but they lack the political will. They will find excuses to not start a serious conversation about getting the job done.

Voters need to educate themselves about this issue and then start grab their lawmakers to respond.

Check out this morning's Huffington Post piece about how California is on the verge of collapse because of the state budget. There's not the political will to make cuts. Could the same happen here?

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