GM bankruptcy: It could start world-wide depression, says Huffington Post three months ago
God's getting them through Michigan's tough economic times

Remembering GM during its years of big-time success

It's the day before General Motors files for bankruptcy and forever skewers life as we know it here in Michigan.

Looking out my living room window on this Sunday morning, the sun's out and the temperature is cool as GM gets ready to put a forever stamp on the change that's about to occur.

Growing up in Bay City about a hundred miles north of here GM was always a factor in everybody's life. There was a GM plant near the Saginaw River and there were many in nearby Saginaw and Flint.

I always knew that if I didn't make it in college, I could come back and work in the plants.

The GM memories are many. The Detroit Free Press captures many in this piece by Bill McGraw where he touches on how the company changed life here and throughout America.

It's not exactly in-depth. It's an easy read. However, it's just enough on the day before the once mighty General Motors meets a cruel fate.