Observing Pentecost Sunday here in mid-Michigan
Watching my son over "livestream" from New York University

We were tourists in our own town--Lansing (MI) yesterday

We finally gave in to the invitation to BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN yesterday an annual event for the past few years where local businesses, Michigan State University and all types of other attractions in the Greater Lansing (MI) Area open their doors to whomever is interested.

To participate, we had to purchase a passport booklet listing all the attractions in the area where there were special events and tours.  The 16-page list is worth purchasing a few days in advance because of the large number of choices.  We picked four stops:  (1) The MSU Dairy Store where we purchased an ice cream cone with ice cream made on the campus and for this occasion; (2) the Kresge Art Museum on campus; (3)  WKAR radio and television studios on campus and the Parmount Coffee Company.  (See Flip videos below)

I particularly enjoyed the visits to Paramount and WKAR.

Paramount Coffee has been a fixture in Lansing life during the almost forty years I've lived hear.  We have bought plenty and we are continually led to the company's display at Sam's Club.  Our tour leader was very open, gracious and welcoming of questions.  They have a national presence as a coffee roaster.  They have a static website and a blog.