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Sen. Tom George, a Republican from Kalamazoo, wants to be governor of Michigan. I say "no" because of his support for our state's give-away program to Hollywood film producers.

Michigan's program pays Hollywood producers almost half of their production costs to make a film in our state.

Everybody agrees that the state doesn't get back the amount that it pays to have Hollywood stars do their thing in our state. This year Michigan will write a check for more than $80 million to have Clint Eastwood and others make films here.

In this morning's Lansing State Journal, Sen. George agrees that the program is not giving the state a positive payback, but he's still for it. Here's what the story reports:

Michigan Sen. Tom George, R-Texas Twp., said he supports Michigan's incentive program because of the production activity it has drawn to the state. But he has no illusions about whether Michigan's effort brings in more tax revenue than it gives away.

"We don't get back what we pay out," said George, who wants to cap the annual payout, either on a per-film or per-year basis. "We don't even get back half."

Now consider that Michigan's faces historical deficits in its state budget. Real needs will not be met because of it.

Do we want a governor who wants to continue spending almost $100 million a year of taxpayer money for eye candy that has no practical return?

I don't.

Your opinion?