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My "live blog" of the Lansing City Council meeting for Mon., June 15, 09

Lansing (MI) City Council-member A'Lynne Robinson listens and shares


1)  Discussion about new liquor store on Holmes and MLK.

2)  Further discussion about the liquor store.

3)  Colonial Village neighborhood leader expresses concern about store.

4)  Concerns raised about chemicals used to kill MLK grass.

Lots of relevant issues to the southside of Lansing (MI) came up and were discussed at today's "Second Saturday" meeting sponsored by City Council-member A'Lynne Robinson.  It was held at the Hill Vocational Center, the site of yet-to-open Southside Community Center.

Video 19 00m 04s Topics of interest discussed at the meeting included:

  • Homeowner reaction to the opening of a new liquor store on the northeast corner of Holmes and Logan.
  • Chemical spraying of grass on the boulevards and rights-of-way on Martin Luther King as a means to kill grass so money doesn't have to be spent to cut it.
  • Reaction to rising tensions between some citizen commenters at Lansing City Council meetings and council-members raising concerns for public safety.
  • A report about the "On The Boulevard" Business Association and their plans to plan southside community events.

I share this information as an interested citizen who lives in the southside.  I have short video segments taken with my small Flip video camera.  I was also limited in the number of questions I was able to ask to clarify and expand points.  I will try to point out those information gaps as I come to them.

The videos will be on my "The Lansing Blog" and may be cross posted to my neighborhood blog. 

I welcome comments and questions.