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Michigan needs to cut-out Mitch Albom's column today

I almost didn't read Mitch Albom's column in this morning's online Detroit Free Press. But, I'm glad I did and I think everybody in the state of Michigan should either print or cut it out.

Here's why: It's not easy living in our state right now and it's easy to wonder if the noose around its neck will ever loosen and come off. We seem to be headed for a future where new college graduates will scramble for a fast food job.

There don't seem to be any answers. Politicians in the state seem like our neighbor's dog who spends the day chasing his tail.

Albom, the author of Tuesday's With Morrie and other books, provides a vital reminder in the last sentence of his column.

He says the state has fallen down. It's going through the loss of a major chunk of its identity, its relationship with the auto industry. With that came a feeling of strength and a hope for the future.

He goes on to say that the challenge is not that we've fallen, but it's how we get up.

Lots of food for thought there.

How are we going to get up in this post auto industry age?