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Steve Steitz, a deacon-in-training at Christ The King Anglican Church in DeWitt (MI), knows how quickly the quality of one's life can change.  In a day, he went from being a thirty-something healthy and fun-loving father of four children to a mass of immoblizing pain.

In his first sermon yesterday at Christ The King Anglican Church in DeWitt (MI), he talks about that experience and how it relates to the text he taught on from Mark 4 where Jesus calms the storm when he's on the lake in a small boat with his disciples.

The message was made all the more powerful by the reality of today's economy in Michigan where people are without jobs and healthcare.

Here's the video segment where he talks about being diagnosed with dystonia.  It was taken with a small Flip video camera. The sound quality can be enhanced by listening with earbuds or a headset.  You can also listen to the audio version on the church website.