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Dealing with neighborhood fireworks

I try to be a good neighbor and I like to give my neighbors room to live their lives without complaining. But that was severely tested this fourth of July and the next night.

Some of our neighbors took a quiet residential street and turned it into all the sights and sounds of a combat zone with what had to be illegal fireworks.

It happened around midnight the first time and around eleven on the second. Both times kids were either nearby or they lit the fireworks themselves.

On the second night, one neighbor lit fireworks that would resemble those from a small community event. This happened in an urban neighborhood and in their backyard with kids around.

The police seemed to ignore it. The streets were filled with smoke that made it look like a battle had been fought there.

Lots of questions need to be answered in my opinion. This is a Flip video shot from my front stoop from the first night.

Anybody have a similar experience?