I am still thinking about those cherry burgers we had last night
What was state of Michigan's involvement in the life of 9-year-old Shylae Thomas of Flint?

Did you know about super-son's "Justin Loves Food" blog?

Our favorite son really likes food.  He likes to both make it and eat it.  He's very comfortable in the kitchen and at the table.  He's only turned his nose at two foods, peanut butter and dry cereal.

Food memories with Justin include when he was a pre-schooler and he'd pull a chair up to the counter when my wife was preparing food and he would help and he would love it.  This interest only grew.  He and I would also make weekly trips to the grocery store where he would visualize the dishes we could make with the items he saw.

Now as he travels around the country for Clearspring, he's able to sample all kinds of food in a wide-variety of places.

He's sharing all this in his new blog--Justin Loves Food.  I invite you to visit, leave a comment and friend him in his Facebook group for his blog.