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Saline (MI) school superintendent deserves big "atta-boy" for his budget blog

The big topic in Michigan right now is money and a lack of it for just about everything, especially public schools.  They live in a constant state of uncertainty about their budget and how much revenue they will get from local, state and federal sources.

Most local school superintendents in our state seem to prefer talking about their budgets through either a spokesperson or a well-prepared Powerpoint presentation.

One exception seems to be Scott Graden, superintendent of Saline Area Schools, near Ann Arbor.  He has a budget blog where he has started talking about budget issues.  He deserves a big "atta-boy" and he needs encouragement to start a community conversation on his blog about how dwindling revenues are affecting his students.

Are there other superintendents in Michigan and around the country who do the same thing?  Any advice for Superintendent Graden?