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Read this story from today's Detroit Free Press about Canadians coming to this country for health care procedures, then share your opinion about how our federal government will make health care better in this country.

This story says that Canadians go to Detroit for all kinds of heart care, procedures that he take for granted here.  I know people who have been diagnosed with a need for an angioplasty in the morning and then have one that very afternoon.

They come to Detroit for all kinds of imaging tests.  Just think of friends, relatives or co-workers who needed an MRI and got it pretty much right then.  Not in Canada.

They come for cancer treatment.  Who doesn't know somebody who has had cancer and gotten treatment?

I know that our system is far from perfect, but it's a whole lot better than what exists in Canada.  Do I trust our federal government to make our system better?  One word--no?

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