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How would U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee score as a listener to her constituents?

Do we need more evidence that Michigan should have a part-time legislature?

Watch this video from the Mackinac Center in Midland and then think about whether Michigan needs to continue having a full-time legislature where each member gets a fat paycheck with the best benefits, a big office along with a big staff.

In this video, State Rep. Fred W Durhal, D-Detroit, describes his bill to help political candidates who are found in violation of Michigan campaign finance law and who are then fined.

To keep these candidates out of legal trouble, Durhal introduced a bill-HB 4713-to allow lawmakers to set-up an installment plan to pay the fines.

Again, watch the video and think about what he's asking for and then share your response. Have we created a protected class of people-the political class?

Is it time for a part-time state legislature?

Politicians Seek to Defer Campaign Finance Debts from Mackinac Center on Vimeo.