Are we losing our representative government in this country?
Standish's (MI) enthusiasm grows for Gitmo prisoners

Does Standish (MI) know what it's doing by wanting Guantanamo terrorist suspects?

I know Standish (MI) where the federal government is considering housing the 400 terrorist suspects who are now in Guantanamo Cuba. 

I grew up about 20 miles south in Bay City which is a doorway to Michigan's north country and which right now is suffering from an economic depression.  During my childhood it was an engine for manufacturing with auto plants, parts plants, Dow Chemical, a major shipbuilder and much more.

Now there's healthcare jobs, teachers and all the associated education jobs, fast food jobs, along with an assortment of various other service jobs.

The Detroit Free Press this morning reports that the soon to be vacated state prison at Standish is being considered as a place to house suspects and perpetrators in our war on terror.

The local leadership appears to be anxious for the jobs and all the economic benefit.

But what will it do for the area?  Will this sleepy area at the foot of the Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron become the focus for the conflict that brought us 9-11?  Has or will this be thought through about how this will change life for an area where I still have many friends and family?